LUCKSON is a recording artist from Venice Beach, California. Growing up in the eclectic beachside community he developed a passion for music and a natural inclination toward the creative, however it wasn't until his brother passed away and his life came to a crossroads that he began pursuing his career as an artist. After deciding to pass up a basketball scholarship to stay home and support his mother, he began writing music, quickly developing a signature style marked by sharp lyricism and a confident, smooth sound. LUCKSON’s first release boasts over a million streams on soundcloud alone and since he has released three albums on the major streaming platforms.

From his clothing line (In The V Apparel) to his music, videos, and performances, LUCKSON continues to gain recognition as an exciting new talent, and an authentic voice for Venice:

“Throughout the ups and downs, I’ve gained strength and determination to create something bigger than myself. I’m blessed to be in the position to represent my city and tell my story. My fans appreciate the originality and authenticity in my songs. They also understand that even though I use music as my main expression, my movement is bigger than hip hop or fame - it’s about saying something that inspires people.”

LUCKSON currently performs in and around Los Angeles with his 5-piece band, and is independently releasing his fourth full album, Golden Hour, January 10, 2019